image PIDP Week 6- Motivation


Lets face it adults are busy people, home, work, children, family, pets, and of course commuting.It is not only difficult to stay focused, it can be difficult to stay motivated, with so much going on to be able to shut off the world for blocks of time to focus on learning, motivation is the key as is understanding the barriers to learning.

“The emergence of the knowledge society, rapid introduction of new technology and the changing work place increases the importance of adult learning. Understanding motivation and barriers to adult learning is therefore a highly relevant issue to the current situation of the world and not only in the field of education”.( CHAO Jr.Roger,Yap)

Adults have a lot of things on their minds, adult learners need to see the rewards of their efforts as soon as they expect, academic habits may have been long forgotten and as many adult learners may be in the position where they are “forced to take” an educational undertaking to enhance their skills, keep a job, get a job, or stay current in their field. This can make it difficult to motivate learners and facilitate active participation.There are several strategies to  facilitate motivation and engagement, here are a few;

  1. Present the benefits of undertaking the course
  2. Build community and integrate social media
  3. Facilitate exploration
  4. Challenge through games  or individual goal setting
  5. Use (appropriate) humor
  6. Chunk or block information
  7. Accommodate individual interests and career goals
  8. Let learning and reflection occur through mistakes
  9. Make it visually interesting and compelling
  10. Be  emotional invested
  11. Get examples of their workplace/life experiences
  12. Facilitate collaboration or team building
  13. Be respectful to them 
  14. Ask for feedback and suggestions

These articles have helped me to better understand the roll of the learner and how to facilitate motivation and active engagement.

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