PIDP Week 2 – Trends in Construction


Effects of Finish Materials and Dynamic Loading on the Cyclic Response of Wood frame Shear walls

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After searching the internet to try to find a good piece on trends in construction, I came to realize that construction is always “trending” in one form or another. Design, materials, cost, location, engineering requirement or Federal or Provincial codes all can cause significant trends or shifts in the construction industry.
One of particular interest to me is the use of shear walls. A shear wall is a structural enhancement to standard wood framed construction techniques. These are engineered into the original construction of new homes as part of the overall enhancement of the design strength to limit the effects of earth quakes.
An incredibly interesting read is the Cascadia subduction zone scenario
the main focus of this report is the underwater fault that lies off the west shore of our continent. Scientist have been conducting research on this fault line since it was discovered in the mid 1980’s.
The use of shear walls in new construction and the Tsunami warning systems are a direct result of the expected level of destruction predicted to be caused by the movement of this Zone.
Above is a link to the map of the Cascadia Subduction zone.






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